Brand guidelines for a new kind of university

Screen applications

Our brand identity has been designed to work equally well on screen. There exist opportunities to create movement and interactivity to further exemplify our values and proposition. This section will example how to represent the University on screen.


University of Suffolk

The standard University avatar is the full colour mark. Wherever possible this should ‘flood’ the available space i.e. should appear with no white space around the edge (this applies only to social avatars).



Courses, departments, services and any other affiliated group should pair related photography with the yellow triangle from the official University mark.

In cases where the social media platform adopts a circle for the avatar please follow the same approach. See example below


Header images

Image selection

Please consider the image ratio of social header images when selecting photography. Ensure the subject matter is not cropped out and is relevant to its specific page. Examples of these in use can be found below.

What to avoid

Close crops Busy subject matters Poor lighting Uninspiring content

Asset combination


To ensure consistency in colour and feeling between header image and avatar, take a crop from the header image. Take care to ensure the avatar retains sufficient meaning and relevance to the cause.

Naming conventions

Wherever possible, University of Suffolk should be spelled out in full.

Where character limits exist and do not allow for our full name to be used, “UOS” may be used as an alternative. In usernames an underscore should be used to separate the University from the service. This naming convention only applies to social media platforms.

Social post templates

A number of templates exist to act as the starting point for social campaigns. Templates can be tweaked to include alternative photography, typography and colourways.


Web banners

Leaderboard (728×90)

Animated leaderboard advert to promote and advertise events at the University. Several templates are available.


MPU (300×250)

An alternate MPU advert. Other templates are available.