Brand guidelines for a new kind of university

Print applications

Our brand identity boasts tremendous flexibility in application and allows for a huge variety of combinations of type, colour and photography. Over time this section will grow to include best practice examples of university events and campaign-specific marketing collateral.

Mixed use templates

Print applications at the University of Suffolk represent an opportunity to push the brand identity further and identify new ways of expressing the University’s proposition. Examples shown here exist to inspire and serve as a basis for further development.


Examples using photography, quotes and over-sized illustrations. When type-setting large scale quotes, please use the speech mark graphics provided as these are inherent to the brand mark. Do not use default speech marks unless the quote is sat within copy.

A2 Download 

A3 Download 


Billboards showcasing the University brand



Type-only campaign banners



There is always something happening at the University of Suffolk. These editable templates represent possible ways of showcasing services and events at Suffolk. They can be altered to suit different situations and circumstances.

University services

Examples of services available the University



The brand system allows for challenging and expressive applications as well as more simplistic representations of the brand.


Sponsored events

Events that are supported or sponsored by external organisations should follow the Partnership logo guidance.


Event pull-up banners

Several layouts utilising the brand. Ensure no important content enters the bottom section (highlighted) as this will be hidden in the stand. Use this space for additional bleed.


Campaign Examples

Campaigns present an opportunity to be expressive and eye catching. Use colour typography and photography to grab attention and push the identity into interesting new areas.

Be bold

Accent colours can be used across campaigns when paired with black and white. Stick to a single accent colour to tie the campaign together. Hand drawn illustrations can be used within campaigns to highlight text and add a personal touch.

Prospectus 2019

Heirachy of type is important when creating a distinctive layout. Consider larger headlines that run over images and cut through body copy.