Brand guidelines for a new kind of university

Partner institutions

Partner institutions of the University should consult this section for guidance on appropriate branding and use with reference to the specific Publicity Protocol that has been agreed with the University. These guidelines have been informed by the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

Approval process

Any publicity materials produced using the University brand and/or logo must be approved by the University of Suffolk marketing team prior to publication. Please send any proofs to, providing at least 7 working days’ notice.

Publicity material is classed as the following, as per the Publicity Protocol:

  • Publications which promote University of Suffolk validated programmes
  • Exhibition materials such as display stands that will be used at promotional events for any validated programmes
  • Campaign concepts for any University of Suffolk promotional campaigns organised by a Partner Institution
  • Campus signage, where relevant
  • Press releases of significance (see the Media Liaison section in the Publicity Protocol), e.g. high-profile stories or emergency/crisis communications


The notice period for press-related publicity is 5 working days. However, we recognise that, in the cases of crisis incidents and emergencies, less notice may be required.

Promoting Suffolk-validated provision

  • The Partner institution’s visual identity should be used rather than the University’s visual system
  • Both the University’s logo and the Partner Institution’s logo should feature
  • An approved version of the University logo should be used in mono version in an appropriately prominent place, positioned in one of the four corners according to the requirements of the design, allowing for the appropriate exclusion zone (see the logo guidance below or the Logo section for further guidance and downloadable logos)
  • The appropriate descriptors should be used, as laid out in the Publicity Protocol, e.g. ‘partner institution’
  • Publicity material should in all cases be accurate and fit for purpose and preserve the good name of the University
  • Publicity material should not proceed to the public domain without the approval of the University marketing department

External promotional materials

All promotional materials to be used externally for University of Suffolk validated programmes must be designed and printed professionally, be this by an in-house team or an external supplier.

They must also include both the University and Partner Institution logos.

Internal promotional materials

Materials relating to University of Suffolk validated programmes at the partner institution should include both the University and partner institution logos.

Press releases

In accordance with the agreed Publicity Protocol, press releases mentioning the University of Suffolk should include standard copy in the footnotes that describes the University and places the partnership into context. Please use the copy provided.

Contact with any press-related queries.

London School of Commerce

About the University of Suffolk

At the University of Suffolk, we prepare our students for a world where nothing ever stays the same. We embrace change, and our students learn to embrace change too.

As one of the newest universities in the UK, we absorb the best university traditions and align them with a twenty-first century audience, with a particular focus on the modern world of employment and entrepreneurship.

We are becoming the destination of choice for an increasing number of international and EU students, which reflects our commitment to personal support and the student experience, as well as our global outlook.

We work in partnership with London School of Commerce (LSC) to validate a range of degree provision, delivered by LSC, so that more students can benefit from a Suffolk education.

Logo guidance

A mono version of the University logo should always be used for promotional materials by partner institutions to avoid any clash of colour.

Where applying the logo externally or with a neutral design, the full colour University logo can be used.

For all printed communications, please adhere to the specified size guides. For any non-standard formats, refer to the nearest A size as a guide.

A3 – 70mm
A4 – 50mm
A5 – 35mm

Minimum sizes permitted for the logo are 30mm / 100px width.

Logo positioning

The University logo can be positioned in one of the four corners according to the requirements of the design and/or the partner institution’s guidelines for their own logo.

Where it is not possible to position the University logo in one of the four corners, please get in touch and we can advise alternative options in special circumstances.