Brand guidelines for a new kind of university

Partner colleges

This section relates to founding partner colleges that form the University of Suffolk Learning Network.

Partner colleges of the University of Suffolk should consult this section, for further guidance on appropriate branding when promoting higher education. This section should be referred to in connection with the agreed University of Suffolk Publicity Protocol (Appendix 2: Collaboration Agreement, 22 August 2016).

If you have any queries, please contact the marketing department.

Approval process

Any key publicity materials* produced using the University brand and/or logo must be approved by the University of Suffolk marketing team prior to publication – Please send any proofs to, providing at least 7 working days’ notice.

*  key publicity material is classed as the following (as per the publicity protocol):

•  Partner college publications which promote University of Suffolk provision
•  Exhibition materials such as display stands that will be used at promotional events
•  Campaign concepts for any University of Suffolk promotional campaigns organised by the partner colleges
•  Campus signage
•  Press releases of significance (see media liaison in the publicity protocol) e.g. Emergency/incident crisis communications

Solely promoting HE

•  Should use the University of Suffolk brand, including, font, colour palette, tone of voice and design features– please refer to the brand guidelines which can be found online at
•  Both the University and partner college logos should be used
•  The University should be placed in its primary position used in its full colour version, unless the design warrants a mono version e.g. where flood colour is used for background (see guidance below on logo positioning)
•  Partner college logos must be mono versions to avoid clash of colour
•  University and partner college logos should be displayed at the same size, or with the partner college at a smaller size
•  References to web addresses must be the University website
•  Contact details in terms of address, telephone number and email addresses can be that of the partner college

External promotional materials

All promotional materials to be used externally must be designed and printed professionally, be this by an in-house design team or an external supplier.

The relevant partner college name in full needs to be included, preferably as a footnote, to ensure it is clear that the material relates to a partner college and not the University – e.g. University of Suffolk at West Suffolk College.

Internal promotional materials

Materials relating to HE provision at the partner college should include both the University and partner college logo.

It is preferable to ensure clarity, that the partner college name in full is used; however for promotion of internal activities or information where the content sufficiently indicates that it relates to the partner college, it may be deemed that this is not necessary e.g. posters for charity events held at the college.

Logo positioning

The University logo should be positioned either in the top left or top right corner to show prominence. Please refer to the brand guidelines for details of clearance area required around the logo and minimum size requirements.

The relevant partner college logo can also be included, and is encouraged for clarity.

•  This should be positioned ideally in the bottom left or bottom right corner

•  Or alternatively can be positioned at the top alongside the University logo but in this instance the University logo should appear in the top left corner and the college logo top right corner (as shown below)

Promoting both FE and HE

For these purposes we would expect the college brand to be used, and the University logo be added either in the bottom left or bottom right corner.