Brand guidelines for a new kind of university

Core proposition


In a world where nothing ever stays the same, we all need to change, evolve, succeed and change again. That’s what we do. Be bold and do the same. Together we'll achieve more.

Student narrative

Energetic and energising, we’re always changing and inspiring change in others. For you, this could be about getting started in your chosen field. Or building a brand new career. Or simply pursuing your passions.

Learning to love change matters. It means that, whatever happens, you can change your life, right through your life, always achieving more.

Of course, we help you gain the knowhow you need to succeed in your career, along with an internship. But this is just the start. Here you’ll experience a richer, more rounded education, acquiring skills and insights that will always be relevant, no matter how things change further down the road.

It’s not about change for the sake of it. Nor about changing who you are. It’s about learning to succeed in a world where nothing stays the same, and change is the only constant.

And remember, like you, we always want to change and improve, so we’ll invite you to actively participate in helping us do just this.

Employee narrative

Knowing that our ongoing success depends on yours, we’ll always help you thrive. And we’ll always look to you to work with us in creating a new kind of university, custom built for a changing world.

Agile and brave, the University of Suffolk is looking for people with the energy and insight to help drive us forward, while responding to the new challenges we face every day. To inspire our students to achieve more than they ever thought possible, while equipping them with the skills they’ll need to flourish in an unpredictable future. To engage in research that tackles today’s issues while making an enduring difference to the communities we serve and to the wider world beyond. And by challenging conventional thinking, to contribute directly to our ongoing evolution as a pioneering twenty first century university.

Together we’ll achieve more and inspire others to do the same.