Brand guidelines for a new kind of university


The University of Suffolk is a transformational university, absorbing the best of UK university traditions and aligning them with a twenty first century audience and a modern world of employment and entrepreneurship.

If you have any queries, please contact the marketing department.


In outlook and in offering we encourage others to be bold in the face of change and equip staff and students with the knowledge and environment necessary to enable them to thrive.

As one of the newest institutions in the UK, consistency in how we position and present ourselves to the outside world is of utmost importance. Our new brand identity captures who we are as an institution and what makes us unique. Our new guidelines highlight our core proposition and serve to help you to understand how we communicate this to outside world, both visually and verbally.

By ensuring consistency in our aesthetic and our tone of voice the University will appear legitimate and credible whilst staying true to its contemporary and progressive roots. But consistency doesn’t just mean rules and rigidity. In the same way that an author will adapt their tone of voice to suit a particular message, our visual identity offers flexibility to support a range of creative and informational possibilities.

These guidelines have been developed to support you in understanding and implementing the new identity, thoughtfully and creatively. By working within the system set out in the following pages the University will be able to develop its investments in the brand, convey meaning to students and staff, and ensure a unique positioning within the higher education sector.

How to use these guidelines

This website is a central resource for everyone involved in developing University of Suffolk communications. It contains detailed guidance on how to apply the University brand to communications materials and provides access to downloadable assets tailored to specific audience groups.

Standalone sections including Logo, Colour and Typography feature standard guidance to ensure core identity components are consistently and clearly applied. These elements sum to the visual representation of the values and purpose of the University. It is extremely important that rules set out within these sections are strictly and consistently applied.

Sections such as Print and Web Applications feature inspiration and best practice examples of the brand applied to posters, booklets, banners, web and social assets. Here you will find examples of flex within the wider brand system. These sections encourage users to consider context, audience and message when applying the brand and offer examples of how to communicate in a wide range of tones.

These guidelines and the examples set out within them will continue to develop over time. Should you have any questions about the new University brand and how it should be applied, please contact the marketing team.